Damp Proofing

Almost all buildings and structures that are exposed to the elements will be prone to water ingress at some time in the future. If this water ingress is left unchecked it can cause severe damage to the property, possibly causing structural failure, thus leading to major repair costs for the owners.

Damp proofing products are used for the prevention and control of water ingress into a structure. Without adequate damp proofing a building or structure will naturally deteriorate due to one or a combination of the following effects:

Rising Damp – Is ground water moving up the walls (wicking), causes:

  • Absent or damaged to Damp Proof Course (DPC) intended to insulate walls above the DPC.
  • The level of the ground outside is higher than the dampproof course, allowing water to breach the DPC.
    Noticeable by stains and discolouration up to three feet/one metre above ground level, can be internal and
    external walls.

Penetrating Damp – Is water leaking through walls. This type of damp may move around within a building, but this is through horizontal movement rather than by travelling up walls (as is the case with rising damp), causes:

  • Structural problems in a building, such as faulty guttering or roofing.
    Noticeable by damp patches on walls, ceilings or floors, which worsen during rain. Older buildings with solid walls more prone, as cavity walls provide some protection.

Condensation – Is warm moist air condensing on colder walls, particularly in winter, as walls are colder than the air inside, causes:

  • Poor ventilation.
  • The On/Off cycle of heating systems ‘ON’ creates warm damp air then ‘OFF ‘ allowing cooling and condensing.
    Noticeable by water droplets on windows or walls, dark mould appearing, untreated, expect damage to paint work, plaster and cause general decay, often with an unpleasant smell.

Prevention is better than cure in most cases; However, if you notice signs of damp then cure is the only alternative.
MJS can identify, advise and rectify most damp problems from poor ventilation condensation problems or slipped tiles, broken gutters and down-pipes to more serious drainage, groundwork and structural inspection and repair. MJS has trade connection throughout the EU and is the sole importer of IZOMUR, an innovative and advanced damp treatment product. IZOMUR in conjunction with our experience, tools and resources gives MJS the ability to favourably compete on time, cost and product quality.

Whether this water ingress is above or below ground, we have an innovative method to protect against or to cure these problems

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