At MJS we are able to offer you our complete refurbishment and home improvement service, this can be for your home or other properties you have eg. your office. Let us take the stress out of a building project for you.

Refurbishment can include planning, drawing up detailed specifications for your project, design and supply / installation of kitchens and bathrooms, structural alterations, plastering, carpentry, electrical work, flooring, tiling and more. If it’s not listed here then just ask. We offer a complete home, office or commercial refurbishment service; from concept to completion MJS will deliver you the highest completion standards.

Our Refurbishment Services Include:

  • Rendering
  • Texturing
  • External Painting
  • Weather Shielding
  • Wood, vinyl, or metal surfaces
  • Wood staining
  • Deck refinishing
  • Fence and deck staining

  • MJS installs Knauf Warm Wall Basis Systems into building, please see below. Visit Knauf’s Website.

    Warm Wall Basis is an economic standard solution that significantly reduces energy costs and heat loss through the external facade, in a cost effective way. Thermal insulation added to a property, new or old, will increase its thermal performance and by using a Knauf Marmorit Warm Wall system this is made much easier.

    Increasing energy costs and building regulation changes are two important factors to a designer, but that is simplified with a Warm Wall system, giving flexibility to any project. Warm Wall Basis systems are supplied in expanded polystyrene square edge and can be obtained in a variety of thicknesses and thermal performances. Long lasting facades can be created and used in conjunction with our range of basecoats and render finishes, exciting facades can be created.

    Creative designs are possible within the Warm Wall systems and flexibility on texture and finish are standard. Warm Wall systems can be applied to existing projects or new build, and can enhance old buildings to appear like new ones. A choice of 500 standard colours, with a further range of enhanced colours are available. Warm Wall systems are the perfect choice for any project, large or small.

    1. Masonary
    2. Adhesive
    3. Insulation
    4. Fixing Anchors
    5. Basecoat

    1. Standard Reinforcing Mesh
    2. Primer
    3. Top Coat
    4. Equaliser Coat (if required)